You’ve seen it all before: 2017

Another year, another round up. This may get lost in a multitude of New Years posts and resolutions (albeit slightly late) but I love doing them.

In a social media world things can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, seeing what others have achieved in a year I feel myself slide slowly into comparison territory. But I didn’t buy a house? A dog? Go around the world? 

So it’s important to remember what YOU achieved and how far YOU have come, in your own way; Not someone else’s. Looking back over the year makes me remember all the things I’ve been up to, 2017 was pretty ok.


In my 2016 round up I mentioned wanting to travel more and I guess that’s one resolution I kept (as much as my full time job allows.) Marrakech, Italy, Mallorca, Paris and NYC. Not to mention all our local trips around the UK. With all the grown up things planned in 2018 I hope this is one I’ll bring with me into the new year.

Making more memories.

I live and breathe online, working in social media 9-5 and blogging every other minute. I’ll admit can be a struggle sometimes but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Blogging has given me some amazing opportunities, best of all meeting some incredible ladies, who support and give me all the encouragement and advice when it’s much needed.

Not only do I want to continue to meet new people but also take time to make memories offline, spending quality time with friends and family. If looking back at this year has taught me anything, it’s that time flies by. So better start capturing every moment, not just for instagram.

You may have noticed, the images of myself i’m sharing I haven’t posted before. For every nice photo there’s always plenty of goofy faces, 2-3 totes bag/coats out of shot or a passerby perhaps making a not so nice comment.

A gentle reminder that life isn’t always as it seems online. I need to remind myself that.

Even after 5 years of blogging I still feel a little lost in direction sometimes, but I guess, like everything in life, there isn’t one straight path in to finding an answer. In 2018 I’m going to try to stop being so hard on myself and enjoy the ride.

Looking to the future.

On my final trip of the year to New York. On Friday the 17th of November. After NINE WHOLE YEARS. My best friend asked me to marry him. I’ve been on cloud nine ever since. Now 2018 has got a whole new level of busy. We would love to buy a house, get married, keep travelling and of course keep blogging.

If I thought 2017 was action packed, with the above list I feel like it’s only the start. Who knows if this will all happen in 2018 or not but I just want to say a HUGE thank you, to you, for sticking around and finding out with me. I couldn’t do this without your kind comments, encouragement and advice.


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