A little saucier than it sounds but thought this was a good opportunity to give you all a little update on life, love and new bed linen. A lot has been happening since we last spoke so thought I would sit down and have a proper catch up.


First up, our new bedroom set up thanks to the lovely people at Habitat who recently re-launched a bed linen edit. Lots of Scandie-esque neutrals, as well as 100% linen fabrics. Something I’ve wanted to get my hands on after oozing many a Pinterest board.

I went for this washed pink linen, much to Simons delight. (he loves it really) mixing it with greys and yellows. The linen gives it a real fresh summer look, a complete change from our usual go-to plain white and I’ve loved it.

Bedding / Yellow Hands Cushion / Grey Cushion / Throw


I’ve been trying to find some new podcasts to keep me company on the morning commute. ‘The week unwrapped’ I love every Friday for my daily dose of what’s going on in the world. I also recently listened to ‘Second life’ just because i’m extremely nosey and love to hear about the career path of everyone.


A few weeks back I went to Emma Gannon’s  book launch for her second book: The Multi-Hyphen Method. I’ve read the first few pages and already feel inspired. I’ll let you know how I get on when I’m finished but i’m hoping it will give me a kick up the butt.

I finally finished Dolly Alderton’s new book ‘Everything I Know About Love’ which was funny, sad and everything in-between. Highly recommend for a holiday companion.


Talking about Love, a few weeks back Simon and I went back to Mallorca for another hunt at wedding venues. More successful than our last trip, as we found TWO we really loved. Of course, just as we make one step forward and pick a date they both become unavailable. Give me strength. I think I’m going to do a blog about ‘Everything I know about wedding planning’ … nothing. It will be a short piece.

Next up starting to think about dresses, i’ve been to a few shops so far with little success.  I feel like there is so much pressure to have that WOW moment with tears from everyone involved but as someone who’s just not in to wedding dresses i’m not sure it’s something we should all expect.

I would love to know if wedding chat would be something you would like to hear more about, not sure if i’m one to give advice but i’ll have plenty of stories to tell i’m sure.


I have fallen back in love with film. There’s definitely a movement happening lately within the blogger community using film  – I remember Lizzy being one of the first to do her ‘week on film’ and absolutely loving it. It wasn’t until recently Simon and I developed some old film he had from when we first met that I remembered the excitement of waiting to to see photos. I used to bring a disposable camera out every weekend. The carnage.

You can check out some film snaps on my lastest blog post. I would love to hear what you think? I might do a full blog post on my film photos but for now I’m really enjoying taking more memories on film.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week, as always any questions i’d love to hear from you.

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