I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much on a shoot . That’s what happens when you get two bloggers together, and one of them happens to be your mate.

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I started blogging. I remember discovering this little community of like-minded people and wanting to be apart of it. I was so embarrassed when I first started blogging; it seemed really cringe to be taking pictures and talking about what I was wearing and sometimes it still does. What hasn’t changed is my love for it. The best part are the people I’ve met along the way. Moving away from home can be pretty daunting but to know I had already had friends in London, solely through blogging made the leap a little less scary.

Before I moved to London permanently I was back and forth with blog stuff. One of the first people I met was Kristabel and we’ve kept in touch ever since. (Head to the bottom of the post for some links form the instagram archive)

When Tu Clothing approached us about getting together for a catch up, it was easy. Doing what we do best, we headed to a instagramable location, this time being The Artist Residence and chatted over coffee)


It’s been pretty hot this week (incase you haven’t heard). I think I whine “i’m so warm” at least every 5 minutes. Slowly running out of city appropriate clothing for this weather. This cute dress from TU Clothing came just in time and has been pretty useful in this weeks heatwave. I love the strips and the added detail with the embroidery. Dress it up with espadrilles and a basket bag or I think it would look equally good with white trainers

Photography by:

I’m lucky to have a few close people who I love to meet up with. It’s a great way to get inspiration, bounce ideas off each other and even just off-load any worries you’ve been having. I always go to Kristabel for blogging advice. Be it her opinions on projects, how to talk fees or where to find the best walls/cars in london. Ha.

I thought might be useful to pick her brain and share it with you too:

1.What tip would you give people starting out?

Find your niche and create a mission statement. The most important thing is to get your personality across because there’s so much competition you’ve got to think about that extra element you can add. Do you have unique perspective? Perhaps you’ve studied something quite unusual or maybe there’s something that influences your outlook on life. People want to see that something a little different.

2. How do you deal with creative blocks?

Recognise when you work best. Sometimes I have weeks were I get ideas in the middle of the night. Always have a notebook nearby to jot it down.
Leave your normal environment and visit somewhere new for inspiration, don’t necessarily look at other blogs but maybe watch a film or head to a gallery.
Confiding in other people can help, sometimes we can get wrapped up in our own heads, we can loose all sense of perspective and when we speak to someone else, the pressure comes off. Most of the time you realise people are feeling the same too.

3. What things can you not live without (when blogging) / What resources help you?

There’s all the practical things like my camera, laptop and phone. But also the mental things like my creativity and ideas. Podcasts have also been really beneficial. Even general business podcasts allow me to extract so much useful information. I’m listening to: Behind The Brilliance, Blogtacular and hashtag Authenic.

Fancy a giggle: Check out some instagrams from the archive. Here, Here and Here

Post in collaboration with Tu Clothing

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