I’m always trying to new ways to get a better nights sleep. Most nights I really struggle, whether it’s being on a computer/phone all day or that extra cup of tea I had before bed I’m not sure quite why my mind usually doesn’t want to switch off. 

‘Did I lock the door?’ ‘What blog post will write this week?’ ‘Should I buy those jeans?’ ‘Reply to emails’  The list goes on…We all have so much going on, it’s important to remember to switch off especially before going to bed.


No phones.

Before bed I want to unwind and switch off… my phone. My biggest weakness is scrolling through instgaram just before bed, I swear sometimes when I close my eyes I can still see the screen. Reaching for a book or listening to music helps me concentrate on one thing, rather than thinking about every other thing I have to do that week.

Investing in a new mattress.

After years of complaining and elbows to the head (sorry Simon) it was time to upgrade our double bed to a king size.

It can be pretty overwhelming trying to find the right one but it was actually my mum who shared an article with me about ‘Simba’. After a bit of research it got great reviews and I can certainly add one more to the list. I’ll not bore you with the science part, as quite frankly they can explain it better than I ever could.

Two things which certainly caught my attention was the fact my king size bed would arrive rolled in box. Don’t be fooled this bad boy bounces back like magic and they also offer a 100 Night Sleep Trial.

Fresh Sheets

What’s a new bed but an excuse to update your bed linen. My go to is The White Company. I’ve always had classic white, changing things up with new throws or decorative cushions.

New mattress + new sheets = sweet dreams.


Now I have my new mattress and a fancy new bed from Loaf, getting myself in to it is the next challenge. I’ll find myself (like now) writing a blog post into the night but wishing for a routine whereby I switch off an hour before I actually plan to sleep. Giving me time to do the above mentioned… book reading.


We’ve finally got some lighting for our new room, like this floor lamp from Laura Ashley. I really love this tripod style and find it’s quite versatile if you want to change the height or how much space it takes up on the floor by playing around with the legs.

I’m also obsessed with these little side lamps found in Aldi, yes you heard me, Aldi. We did however change the bulbs, as the originals were very bright. This might be ok depending on what you’ll use them for – perhaps an office, but for us something a little more relaxing worked better for beside the bed.


I hope you’ve enjoyed looking around our new room and how i’m trying new ways to sleep better. I’d love to hear if interior posts are something you’d like to see more of.

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