Time to start dressing for sunshine. (For those of us who haven’t been on holiday yet) I’m finally ditching the jeans but that doesn’t mean doing away with the denim. It’s time to finally uncover my legs from 7/8 months in hibernation. I love summer. I love summer dressing and i’m truly invested in the no tights club. 


Denim on the other hand is one thing I don’t stray too far from. This skirt was a first for me but not because it was a denim skirt but because I did something when purchasing it which I don’t think i’ver ever done before. Buy something in advance. I’m going to guess I got this about 2 months ago, when it was freezing outside. I knew I couldn’t wear it for a while but it fit perfectly, it was the right length and it was denim. I was going to be prepared for summer and buy it there and then. WOW! Now i’ve been looking at said skirt for weeks, waiting for the first glimpse of sunshine.

Here we are. Teamed with a utility jacket and those shoes which i’ve been living in. Maybe this is how I should shop all the time. Unlike this weekend were I realised I hadn’t organised an outfit for a wedding and left it to the last minute. Stay tuned over on my instagram to see what I picked.

How do you shop. Are you last minute Minnie or a prepared Polly?


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