On reflection of this outfit I could be one flat-cap away from looking like Del-boy. Could he possibly be my new styling spirit animal?

Keeping me warm during a pretty chilly weekend, this Topshop faux fur shearling jacket, which unfortunately has sold out online but plenty of alternatives here, here and here.

Underneath, a T-Shirt from Joanie which I couldn’t resist because who doesn’t wish everyday was a brunch day? I’m not usually one for breakfast, so catching that time just before lunch/being hangry is all I need for a happy weekend; plus eggs with everything.

However there were more important things on the agenda this weekend other than what I had for brunch and I wanted to take a moment to touch on it quickly. What incredible scenes filled my social media on Saturday. Witnessing the amount of women (men and a children) marching across London was breathtaking. I don’t know about you but it definitely moved me to make more of a conscience effort to educate myself on important topics inspired my Saturdays march.


Back to Brunch

A new favourite brunch spot (so good I’ve been twice this month) Dirty Bones in Shoreditch. The interior décor is charming with every corner something wonderful, whether neon sign or pretty tile. Highly recommend the baked skillet or the chicken and waffles, dependant on hunger levels.

I continue to post my London adventures over on Pinterest, filled with restaurants, pop up’s and of course, the best of brunch. My go to inspiration for new foodie type spots to visit in London – Liv Purvis. She ALWAYS seems to find beautiful hidden gems and after seeing one of her most recent post, next on my list is Café Miami, I don’t think a cafe can get much more photogenic than this.

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