I recently read a piece in the last issue of Brides Magazine which really struck a chord with me. It pretty much summed up what I was feeling about my own wedding, something that I hadn’t heard many people talk about before. Intitled“Confessions of a Bridechilla”.

Like Natasha’s article, I honestly had never thought about my wedding before or if I had it was only ever “it would be nice to do someday”… I never had the secret Pinterest board or what I would wear sketched out in my mind. Wedding planning wasn’t on my agenda and even with a wonderful planner feeding us tasks in small doses, let me tell you, I’m finding the whole thing very overwhelming.

What doesn’t help is my indecisiveness. And with every “Have you found the one” aka THEE wedding dress, I sink slowly into a panic. It’s not that I’m hating the process. I love clothes, so could keep-on-trying-on. But when does it end? Do you keep searching until you get that magical feeling everyone tells you about? “You’ll just know” I’m told.

But fear not, there is little light at the end of the aisle…After speaking with a few friends openly about how I was feeling, it was nice to hear I’m actually not alone in this.  Each person has a story to tell about their wedding and more specifically finding their wedding outfit. Ok, some find it in the first shop, but some didn’t like the process at all and alas not everyone cries in joys of happiness. Phew.

I can’t wait for the actual day. I’m super excited to get all my friends and family together to celebrate but for the first time I’m not really sure what I’m meant to be doing until then… and I think that’s ok.

So there, standing in my little nude pants waiting for the next dress I decided. I really need to start appreciating the bigger picture rather than let it stress me out… I may not have all the answers or something to wear but I’ll have fun working it out as I go.

Which is true. The best part of wedding planning is with friends and family. Having quality time with mum and getting all my best friends/bridesmaids together which we don’t all do nearly enough. Plans will come along slowly and I’m sure we will get there in the end. So for now, I’m going to try and implement the below quote… wish us luck.

“Tackle wedding planning like you would marriage itself with patience, optimism, pragmatism and yes a delicious dollop of romance.”

I would love to hear your thoughts on this as I’ve found it fascinating talking to different people about it. Have you ever thought about your dream wedding or if you’re now married how long did it take you to plan… All advice welcome.

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  • Really enjoyed this post, I am wedding planning at the moment but loving it because I am an organiser at heart and very decisive, but I can imagine if that isn’t your thing it would be so stressful.

    Personally I am not looking forward to going dress shopping, as I prefer shopping alone and I find the idea of “emerging” from behind the curtain in a white dress intimating, but doesn’t seem right to go alone!

    Always good to hear an honest post about wedding planning!