I’m not really one for getting too deep and meaningful on the blog. I like to keep it snappy and stick to imagery, less chance of saying the wrong thing I tell myself. However it’s something I would like to try and do more of.

I have tried, you just won’t have seen it. Like this post for example. I’ve spent ages mulling over the words to say but in truth, It’s not really my strong point and in a world of mass content, you can feel like there’s no need for another voice or opinion. What can I really add? So I end up not posting anything.

I’m easing myself in slowly and starting with the topic of social media. It gets a bit of a bad reputation, and perhaps rightly so. A platform we are all learning to navigate and of course, we’re going to get it wrong. I work online day in and day out so I know how overwhelming it can be.

But however overwhelming it is at times, it’s also my first place to go when I have a worry or a problem. It helps us start important conversations and debate big issues. It has helped us have connections with people who have similar interests and can make us feel less alone.
By no means is this post going to solve the problems we face with social media but I’m hoping the below people can shed a little light and show you that it’s not all bad.


Lauren / Girl vs Cancer / #GirlVsCancer

Lauren is probably one of the most inspirational women I know. Launching and running a business, I’m completely in awe. GIRLvsCANCER began as a place to talk about her experience dealing with cancer in a way that was accessible and honest and has now grown into a huge loving community.  Not only that, Lauren has created a line of T-Shirts which donates profits to her partner charities alongside hosting an incredible podcast. She has created such an amazing supportive space that’s about positivity, really worth checking out.

Lindsey / Ropes of Holland / Reset Series

Lindsey is one kindest people I know. Her Reset Series started more than a year ago now and has been discussing all kinds of topics around worry, anxiety and depression on her Youtube Channel & blog. Lindsey frequently talks openly about her thoughts & feelings, which is really inspiring. Whether it’s a negative relationship towards social media, heartbreak or body confidence, there is definitely something there for everyone. She also launched her latest series ‘Ageless ties‘ which looks at the benefits of inter-generational relationships –  absolutely love it.

Alice Catherine

Blogging and social media have opened the doors to conversations we wouldn’t necessarily have in a public space. Small communities are forming all over the internet because people are sharing their personal stories. When people such as the lovely Alice Catherine talk opening about female health it allows more girls out there to feel less alone. Her recent post about ‘Period Drama’ is another great open discussion to add to the list.

Liv Purvis / The Insecure Girl’s Club

I’ve started to take more regular breaks from social media and finally feel like its ok to do so. It’s having the conversations around the good and the bad that allows us to reflect on the impact it has. (more to come on that next) We all have our insecurities & social media can be an overwhelming space that fuels it. Off the back of worries and everyday life challenges, my pal Liv has recently launched The Insecure Girl’s Club. An online platform for women to connect and discuss the highs and lows modern life. Highly recommend follow.

Katherine Ormerod / Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life

Katherine’s fascinating book Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life is full of interesting resources and interviews with experts, delving into the good, the bad and the ugly surrounding social media. It totally hits the nail on the head discussing topics like the comparison of others, mental health and consumption. This is a great book if like me social media is all consuming of your time, as I do it for a job and hobby it has some great tips and takeaways.

Thank you so much for reading and please feel free to leave a comment or message me with your thoughts.

Kim x

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  • From working with fashion bloggers worldwide, I notice how common it is for them to experience anxiety and feelings of comparison.

    It’s no surprise. Posting your personal thoughts to 100,000s of followers is highly pressurised. Little by little, I think we’re addressing the impact of social media and hopefully reducing the downsides.

    Posts like these certainly help! Thanks Kim