The Artist Residence Brighton. I don’t think we’ve ever taken so many photographs of one hotel interior, probably because we never left. I wasn’t going to post these snaps but I’ve had lots of lovely comments and questions about the top, so thought what the heck. Plus with a room interior covered in palm trees, it’s hard to resist.

Back to the top – It’s Topshop and I regret to inform you – I can’t find it online anymore. NOOOoo. After all that and now it’s not even in stock. Apologies. I have however, scoured the Internet for something similar and I’m pretty certain it’s a copy of the ever-popular Realisation number. I the hope it tickles your fancy. Equally I love the dress version.

When you thought a hotel interior couldn’t get any better at The Artist residence, you hit the bar. Anywhere covered in a palm tree print wins my vote. Perfect for a pre evening cocktail (or two.) It was so lovely to be able to pop down from our room for a night cap, but if cosy and secluded is more your thing. Check out the hidden bar in the basement behind a bookcase. Yes, true story.


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