HELLO 2016.

2015 was the first year staying in one place, in the same house and the same job. You could say it was the first time we had finally settled down and focused on lots of new things – like our first home, exploring our new city and taking time to travel.

longer hair days

Outfits of 2015.

One change I did make this year to my look and that was going for the big hair chop. I’ve really loved having shorter hair and think it’s here to stay… for now.
Looking back on my favourite outfits of 2015 – it seems bare legs and knitwear was the order of the day, of course with a heavy sprinklying of denim.

Fashion resolutions.
To buy less throwaway pieces and invest.
Be brave & experiment more with clothes.



2015 finally saw our first home really take shape. We bought big pieces of furniture which made me feel like a grown up and instead of buying loads of clothes I wanted lamps, bedspreads and things for the kitchen… I officially turned into my mum.

Home resolution.
Get DIY – one thing I would like to do in 2016 is get a little more home savvy.
Get socialising – have more people to our home for dinner and maybe the odd cocktail.. but first we need some kitchen chairs 😉



This year we spent a lot of time exploring London. Shoreditch, Bankside, Central. Plus places not to far away – Coworth Park, Osea Island, Brighton and a little further, Bath, Margate & Edinburgh. Even visiting some usual favourites – Majorca & Barcelona.

Travel resolution.
Travel. More! Simple. Travelling is one of my favourtie things and this year, I say it every year. I WILL go to America. Watch this space.

Just want to say a BIG thank you for another year and sticking around to see what the little blog gets up to.

Something I’m also going to make a point of in 2016 is to comment more on blogs myself and respond more to comments also.

I say it all the time but 2016 will definitely be the year of YouTube and a bit of a blog rebrand.

Hope you’ll stick around to see all the big things to come & as always let me know what you would like to see too.

Happy New Year everyone.

Cloth x

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