A few weeks back I headed to a wonderful workshop at the Hoxton Holborn called ‘How to Nail Pinterest’ … Eh yes please! The workshop was taken by the wonderful Zoe of Craft candy.
Before we begin, by no means am I a Pinterest expert (Check me out here), but it’s definitely something I want to get better at. So I thought I would gather my takeaways from the talk and share them with you lot and you can let me know if this is something you’d like more of.

“Pinterest is not social media but a discovery site.”

40% should be inspiration.
40% informative .
20% about your brand.

I’ve never had a schedule myself when it comes to pinning, I can go days without it and then hit it all at once. This is something I really want to get better at and although I don’t think I would take this step just yet, Buffer lets you schedule pins – really helping to give you more of a schedule.
Zoe suggested understanding when your readers are online, age and location. This should help you define the best time for people to see your pins.
Pinning consistently throughout a day is going to reach more people than sporadically (like I do, oopsy)


Inspirational words are huge on Pinterest and one of the biggest/most popular boards.

Most popular searches:
Food and drink
DIY and Craft
Home decor
Top 10s / How to’s
Travel boards

Other ideas:
How to’s with all the images in one image the start to finish.
Info graphics
City guides.

Pinterest Tips


Correct descriptions > the more the better.

Something I didn’t know was that Google searches your account description, board names and board descriptions. So time to tidy those up to make them more search friendly.

Keep board names simple and how people would search key phrases. Eg Alexa Chung style.
Board descriptions – word everything that may be searchable towards this, helping with SEO.
EG. Fashion, Alexa chungs wardrobe, dungarees, denim, peterpan collars etc etc

Toshiba x Pinterest


Why not covert your account to business – verify your account and this will allow you to look at your analytics. Curate your account. Your voice and branding.

DONT delete a pin.
DO cross pin/pin the same thing more than once because one user doesn’t follow all your boards.Something I’ve never used but worth looking into Rich Pins. All the information sticks wherever the pin goes. Perfect for keeping up to date with with any changes when pinning from a store. Eg changes in price.
I would definitely recommend getting the Pin It button on your site, encouraging your readers to pin.

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