It’s been a while since I touched on beauty and skincare on the blog. There have been some repurchases and some new, so I thought I would share what I’ve been using.

Top of the list has to be a combination I have been using religiously over the past month. You’ll have seen it if you follow me on Instagram. That’s the L’occitane reset serum. I honestly can’t stop raving about it.  I’m not sure it’s making me look any younger but for someone with dry skin, it’s definitely keeping it hydrated. I’ll look forward to seeing what winter brings but it’s definitely one I’ll repurchase.

In the morning I’ve been using it alongside the Elemis Pro radiance flash balm (before makeup) and I LOVE the combination. It adds that dewy glow to my skin that I always crave.

Make up wise,  I continue to love the Bobbi Brown matte bronzer but a recent favourite is the Bobbi Brown Rouge Pots.  I actually have been applying these with a brush and absolutely love the lightweight more dewy consistency they give vs a powder blush.

I get a few questions about my hair, which in the near future I’d love to talk about more about how I style it (by no means an expert in this)… but in the meantime I want to talk product. Davines was brought to my attention again recently by Brittany. Who’s hair I want to have on a regular basis. I’ve used the NOUNOU Nourishing Repair Mask in the past which is great but recently I picked up the OI All in One Milk and it’s AMAZING. It makes my hair super soft and shiny and speaking of shine the Spotlight circle mask is a winner.

Finally, products that I use but on a not so regular basis. Does anyone else have this? I really like them but don’t use them as frequently as others. I think this comes down to having dry skin so strong toners, exfoliator and masks etc I need to use but can be slightly drying to my skin. The Glossier Solution is meant to remove dead cells away through chemical exfoliation while the Ordinary Retinoid is meant to help the signs of ageing. I would recommend both but if like me you’ve drier skin use less frequently.

The Davines detoxifying scrub is also a great shampoo to use once every other week to give my scalp a proper deep cleanse.

What products have you been loving lately? and would you like to hear more beauty/skincare related chat from me?


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