Last weekend was my first relaxing Sunday in a long time. Taking this opportunity not only to get up to date on blog posts but also to brainstorm some fresh new content. If you read my first post you’ll now see we’ve finally placed our new Homesense chair in the bedroom. 

A chilled corner to relax and unwind but also adding a feature to a bland corner of the room. It was exactly the style I had in mind and even better when priced at £150. Worth checking out different locations of Homesense stores (I’ve been to 3), as it’s part of the TX Maxx family it works the same, with lots of goodness dropping each day. So there was plenty of variety at each and not all had this specific chair but equally good alternatives.

I’m having major regrets for not picking up a rug while we were there too. After Marrakech we got inspired by all the beautiful souk style rugs we spotted, putting  in our minds to get one for the bedroom. I actually spotted some quite similar at Homesense and at reasonable prices. I guess this only gives us a good excuse for another trip.


For interior inspiration I always look to Pinterest. I love to pull together little mood boards like the one below, visualising colours/fabrics and generally what I’m on the hunt for. Making it easier when we go shopping to have a clear focus of what we want/need… in this case, a feature chair to have a area to sit or as Simon likes to use it, while on the xbox. *eye roll*.

If you would like to check out all the stuff I’ve been dreaming about you can head here.

This post is sponsored by Homesense but genuine love and choice of products my own. You can find your nearest store here.

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