My denim Soul mates

They say “A soulmate is not someone you can walk away from that easily.” And that’s definitely how I feel about my jeans. My jeans, well they’re pretty high up there on the list of things I love. Simon, family, friends, cat & denim. I thought as it’s Valentine’s I would breakdown all the times I fell in love…with my jeans.

Denim love: The Low Rise

I first fell in love with my jeans around 15/16. Finally a pair that fitted, they were from Miss Sixty. Skin tight, low rise with a huge belt. In the fibre of those jeans lie memories of sneaking into clubs, wearing crop tops and sharing wardrobes with my 3 best friends.

Denim love: The Flare

My first pair of designer jeans still sit in my wardrobe. Love Stories by Jbrand. The trend was barely there shoes, as you floated around the bar or in some cases tripped on your own wide leg (Nicci this ones for you) There was something about referring back to the ’70s that made you feel effortlessly cool plus there is nothing more flattering than a pair of jeans that guarantee long legs. If they’re good enough for Kate Moss they’re good enough for us, right?

Denim love: The skinny

I probably don’t have enough fingers (and toes) to count the number of skinny jeans I own. White, black, frayed, embroidered. Leigh, Joni and Jamie. Topshop was my go to skinny jean destination throughout uni and beyond.
It seems skinny jeans may have their days numbered but for me they’ve been become a classic in my wardrobe. Sophisticated and grown-up in contrast to my recent denim purchases.

Denim love: The Straight

A recent love in my life came exactly this time last year. On a recent visit to The Levi’s Haus of Strauss I was introduced to the Wedgie jean. Yes, you read that correctly – these jeans are designed to give you a permanent wedgie. They’re slim, but not skinny. They’re fitting, but not tight. They opened my eyes to a new shape and the rest was history. (here, here, & here)

Denim love: The Alternative jean

I have a confession. I’ve been having a slight affair on my go to straight leg lately. Dabbling in the kick flare, relaxed crop and soon to be white boot cut crop. I’ve always felt like I was letting my blog down by posting so much denim. But what I’ve come to realise is that there are far too many options to make denim anything but boring.

Like the saying goes about kissing frogs and finding princes. It’s just about trying on a lot of denim before you find your perfect pair.

I’m wearing Monki frayed cropped jeans with Boden shoes and this amazing Joanie Slogan Jumper.


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