New Year, Same Me.

Love Cloth. My own little visual diary. Helping to remind me of what I got up to over the past year and how much fun I’ve had doing it. I’ve put together the snaps that didn’t quite make the post but just click on any image to see what did.

For those who have followed my blog from the start (well, lets not count the first few months of talking to myself). The past couple of years you will have seen it develop and hopefully continue to evolve as I do. With more travel and interiors posts reflecting everything I love, not just the Cloth 😉

It’s taken me 30 years but I feel more comfortable and aware of my personal style than ever before. Although I don’t think there was one pair of dungarees or a pinafore in sight, that doesn’t mean the love affair is dead. As one love faded, my obsession for denim & cross body bags grew strong.

Comparison is the thief of joy

What the past year of blogging has taught me is that I’m still not over the “cringe factor” that plays in my head. After four years I find it hard to explain to people ‘it’s what I do’ & you betcha i’m still awkward when in front of the camera. I’ve also hit many the hurdle when it comes to creative blocks, comparing myself to what others are doing and countless doubting moments. But after speaking to other bloggers it seems we all go through this at some point. So thank you to those have motivated me back in the game.

That said, this little place on the web still continues to grow and I’ve become more proud of what I’m doing however much I battle with my own insecurities or creative blocks. Being more selective, I continue to push my blog to the best it can be. This year I want to spend less time comparing and more time getting creative. I would love to hear from you as always on what you would like to see more of.

Looking to the future

I’m not sure what is in store for 2017 and never like to make big plans as life always has a funny way of taking you in all kind of directions. But after ticking off the biggest bucket list, visit California. It’s given me the adventure bug and something I want to do more of in 2017.

Organising more get-togethers. Some of my best inspiring days have come from random get together/talks/workshops and catching up with other bloggers. My school report once read ‘Kim enjoys being sociable, getting out of her chair to walk around the class talking’ or something to that effect. This year I hope to continue on my quest to talk more.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who points the camera at this face over the past year. Simon especially – I don’t know how you put up with this silly sausage. And if you’ve got this far, MOST IMPORTANTLY a big thank you to YOU! For all your support in 2016 & look forward to taking you along on the next chapter.

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  • I thinking we all compare ourselves too much as Bloggers, I’m definitely going to try and do it less this year too! You definitely should be so proud of yourself, you’re fab! xx

  • The one thing I love about your blog is how honest you are, it seems like you’re writing to your readers as if you’re having a conversation with us which is so lovely to see. Plus, you’re photographs are incredible and always look like you truly are enjoying yourself! Looking forward to seeing where you take your blog this year too 🙂

    Beth x