While it’s still fresh in my mind I thought I would put together some tips for planning a wedding in Mallorca. As I’ve mentioned, wedding planning was never at the forefront of my mind. I hadn’t really thought of the day in too much detail before we got engaged, so it was all a little daunting to start.

The venue is one of the biggest things to get sorted first. Once you work out your priorities, it helps with intital decision making. Do you want everything at one location? Have you a specific caterer in mind? Is there a special location/place that has meaning to you? Do you want it more formal or relaxed, modern or traditional? How many people do you want there? If you have an idea of this, you can start to narrow the search.


Simon is from England and I’m from Northern Ireland but one place we’ve spent a lot of time together is in Mallorca. I’ve been visiting the Island since I was born and Simon now for the past 11 years. It has such a special place in our hearts and somewhere I wanted close friends and family to experience too.

We knew we wanted to be outside ALL day and night (suprisingly a lot of places make you move inside at midnight in Mallorca). We wanted to be in the sunset having a delicious meal with family and friends. Which lead us to our next biggest effort, finding a great caterer. Some venues make you work with a specific one so worth having a trial with them also.

It was very much a luxury to have a wedding planner and something I probably wouldn’t have had if we married in London. It was just so helpful have someone speak the language and advise on suppliers and with a wealth of experience which we didn’t have.  With the above criteria they helped find us lots of locations that fitted our vibe and budget.


Some people won’t make it. Like all weddings not everyone you want there will be able to come, for one reason or another. For a wedding aboard, this number does increase. Of course, it’s a lot to ask of people to pay for travel and accommodation, older relatives might not be able to travel as far and in general, being further away just makes things more difficult – it’s a big ask.

Getting people to the venue can be tricky. So, we fell in love with our venue. Then we had to negotiate a date. I hadn’t even thought about how people would get there from the hotel. It was in such a remote location, which didn’t really accomdate lots of cars arriving. In the end we organised a shuttle bus but this did mean people couldn’t slip off early (hopefully no one wanted to) but as a bonus, it meant everyone was there on time.

Missing home comforts. I’ll be honest one of the biggest disadvantages was not having all my “go-to” places in Mallorca. Don’t get me wrong, they have all you need but you have to research. Perhaps you have a close friend who does something great or a local florist you know well. I would’ve loved to be able to go to my own hairdresser in the morning. I actually ended up flying out a UK make up artist who I know well. Sophie helped me and my bridesmaids on the day which was so lovely. Likewise our photographers weren’t from Mallorca when we booked them, but actually live there now.


Visit the venue more than once. Give yourself time to see all venues within your style/price bracket. It’s a lot harder being abroad as you can’t pop back frequently. I think it took us two trips.

Once you find one try and see it around the time you’re thinking of getting married there, as the plants/flowers/grass might change. We saw a beautiful venue with lemon trees but were informed they wouldn’t be in season around the time of our wedding.

Think of plan B. We fell in love with our venue the year before. On our second visit, it was March and it was grey and windy and it really made me doubt our choice. What is your option for IF it rains? We saw lots of venues that had indoor options but the one we chose didn’t. This would’ve meant hiring a marquee on top of everything else.

Getting everything there. We had two suitcases and two hand luggage bags, not to mention all the other bits we had scattered around our wedding party.
My wedding dress came in a lovely dress bag but I did buy another more waterproof one from Amazon just to be doubly sure. I ended up putting it up in the overhead locker and it survived ok. We bought two amazing steamers from Philips (one for the boys and one for the girls) and it all worked out great.

I tried my best to get everything sorted pre wedding but there will always be last minute panics…Luckily Palma has plently of shops and a last minute trip to Zara Home can vouch for that! Plus I did some sneaky online orders to our friends who arrived a little later. But honestly, all those little things you don’t look back and remember. In the end it’s all about the people and the amazing fun you have.

Hope this helps anyone getting married abroad but please feel free to drop me any questions on here or Instagram. Hoping to do another post just listing out all our suppliers and helpful websites I found along the way. Let me know if there’s anything else you might like to see.

Photography by Chris & Ruth

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