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The weekend for me is about big lie-ins and lounging around the house, so time to get yourself comfy, pour a cup of tea and settle down to read some blog posts.
I’ve always had a slight obsession with The White Company, something I get from my Mum, grey & white EVERYTHING has always been our kind of style. Since we have nearly finished the living room, it was time to move on to the bedroom. Although it has a long way to go, our bedroom is finally getting there thanks to all the lovely finishes soft cottons and wool mix.

The White Company - room spray

The White Company - PIN BOARD

Sleeping is definitely one of my favourite past times, I love to have a nice calm and relaxing bedroom filled with candles and cushions.
In a dream world I would try to be tucked up in bed before 11, relaxing and listening to some music or reading a book (more than likely scrolling through Instagram). Then after a few attempts and no help from the snooze button, get up around 7am hoping to get my full 8 hours of beauty sleep.
I can normally draw attention away from crazy morning hair wearing these lovely pyjamas by Eight Hour studio – almost too good to sleep in don’t you think? Made with gorgeous organic cotton, hand block printing and all fair trade. Coming up to Christmas these would make a nice bedtime treat for anyone who loves sleep as much as I do.

Hope you’ve had a lovely relaxing weekend too.
Blazer from our Dawn sleepwear collection
Bedroom ideas

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