This post is in partnership with Beauty Pie but as always views are my own.

All smiles to be working with a brand I’ve heard so many great things about and have wanted to try for quite some time.  When Beauty Pie got in touch I was straight on the website to fill up my basket with all their cult favourites.  The popular SPF, perfect for under makeup. The in-demand Super active capsules and even some homewear, in the form of candles. 

For those who haven’t heard of Beauty Pie, it’s the first ever membership club for beauty and skincare lovers… They say it’s like the Netflix of beauty. Membership gives you access to luxury cosmetics and high-performance skincare, without paying for the middlemen.  Each membership gives you a monthly limit. For example, s £5 membership gives you £50 a month spending limit. For that, you could by a foundation and blusher but only pay £13.94

Any unused spending limit will just roll-over to the next month. If it sounds of interest, I also have a code ‘KIMSENTME ‘ which gives you an extra £50 spend on your first month.


So what did I pick up?

ÜBER YOUTH™ RE-ELASTIC CONCENTRATE SERUM – which I’ve been testing over the weekend. Super hydrating and smells incredible.  

SUPERACTIVE CAPSULES – really thick and luxurious, unlike some other capsules I’ve tried which can be quite watery. 

SUPER HEALTHY SKIN™  SPF25 – Something I really am trying to get in the habit of wearing every day. This works perfectly under makeup, not greasy at all. 

SUPER RETINOL – I’m very new to retinol but Beauty Pie also have great blogs that help break it all down. 



FUTURELIPSTICK™ – MATTE – Incredibly light & hydrating, I went for the shade ‘Hot saucy to rival similar lipstick I love. This honestly could be my new favourite and with a typical price of £20, the beauty Pie members pay £3.79. 

MASSIVE FAN WIDE EYES MASCARA – for Lengthening & thickening. 

SUPERBROW™ FINE PRECISION PENCIL – which could most definitely replace my current one. 

And finally, a candle. It’s great they have some fragrance and candle options because they’re perfect for gifts also.  

Everyone raves about the Pomegranate and Baies which I’m dying to get my hands on but my Redcurrant & fig is pretty delicious too. 


I would love to hear if you’ve tried Beauty Pie and what you’re loving – I’m definitely looking to try the JAPANFUSION and QI ENERGY when they come back in stock.

Don’t forget to use the code ‘KIMSENTME ‘ which gives you an extra £50 spend on your first month…. that could be another candle 😉

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