I hit a little posting wall again, that odd time of year when the new season isn’t quite in full swing. One minute I’m freezing and next its 15 degrees in London, almost tropical.

It’s given me a good excuse not to buy anything new and instead rework older items… well, not necessarily reworking. To be honest I wear these items a lot. In fact, my wardrobe, contrary to what Simon says is quite edited. Everything goes with denim, right?


I’ve tried to focus on more statement pieces. Like this hoodie for example. Spending a little more than usual on a hoodie is silly but I’ve got the cost per wear on this bad boy down to a penny. I remember splashing out on this pre-New York with the idea of wearing it with a lightweight coat. I’m not usually a logo girl but there was something about wearing this dressed up that appealed to me. I still always try and mix it in with heeled boots and tailoring.

This Sandro blazer is probably my all-time favourite jacket. The colours just go with everything. I’ve worn it dressed up over silk dresses or dressed down day to day with denim. First worn in this post, it’s still going strong now the only difference is cardigans and cords.

Ok, I kind of lied when I said I would focus on statement pieces but I couldn’t do this post without talking about my Church’s boots. My mum is a huge Church’s fan and surprised me about 2 years ago, or maybe even 3. I must wear these boots 80% of winter and they still look pretty much like new (minus the mud) Trust me, these are worth every penny.

And double whammy, worn with my Levis wedgie. Turns out I don’t shoot in these often but I do wear them a lot. Again I’ve probably had these around the 2-year mark and the fit always gets compliments.

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some old favourites, happy Friday x


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