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So, I’m by no means a curling hair expert
but a few of you have asked for a little tutorial on how I curl my hair. So I
thought I would give it a go and with a little giveaway what better reason than that. Firstly i’ve two ways of curling my hair, either using my GHD’s or a curling wand! This is for no particular reason which is random I know. I guess it’s what my hand reaches for first or perhaps what mood i’m in… Today, it’s the wand. A super big barrel waving wand from Cloud Nine!
So first things first. 
Below is my hair in all its just washed glory, it doesn’t know whether it wants to be straight or curly MAKE UP YOUR MIND hair!!  I normally blast it with the hair dryer, using a big round brush on the top to add some volume and to smooth it out so it’s a bit tidier.
Then whilst I’m drying the rest I begin to twist it so it starts to realise I want it to be curly and heads that way.
Most of the time I don’t really put much product in my hair, but at this point I might use some sea salt spray into the towel dried hair or some mouse.


Next up, sectioning. There is a lot of hair to contend with here. So its best I clip it up into sections.

I normally part it, lift the whole top section and get it into a clip. Then just part the remainder in half over each shoulder. This is normally repeated about 4 times before its all been let out of the clip. I guess the better your section the hair and the smaller amounts you do the tidier and tighter the curls will be. Something usually left for special occasions, today is just what I do everyday. 

part and clip

My one piece of advice for when curling hair, is always to curl away from the face but this is just something I go by.

I have parted my hair down the back and brought each side over my shoulders. Then taking one side I will start curling backwards away from my face. Repeating on the other side. I never work around the head, just moving from left to right.

This barrel from Cloud Nine is big and perfect for my long hair. I’m not really one for tight curls, I guess I lean more to waves. So this is exactly what I need. However, if I have something like a wedding or event I usually do them slightly tighter as the weight of my hair normally makes them drop throughout the day. brush it out
Depending on the size of the wand I would usually brush it out but here I just run my fingers through and wa la. 
I think brushing it/running your fingers through makes it look a little more natural than the just curled ringlets but this is just personal preference.
My favourite thing about this wand that I haven’t seen before is the cute little stand you can take out so it doesn’t touch the table or in my case the bedroom floor. Genius! 
cloud 9
The lovely folks at CLOUD NINE have given me a curling wand to giveaway. Don’t worry a completely fresh one especially for you, I could never part with mine ha! All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter below. Good Luck! 

Leave me a comment with all your hair curling tips, I’d love to read them 🙂 


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