Hi all, it’s been a while and a lot has changed. I hope you and your family are safe and well.

I know skincare products aren’t high on the list of importance right now but I’m finding my hair and skin is a lot drier than usual. I’m not sure what’s causing it, maybe it’s the house heat or maybe it’s stress/lack of sleep given the current situation but I thought I would share my skincare favourites and maybe if you’re feeling the same, can add some comfort to your skin too.

As always, I’m no skincare expert but love reading about new products that people are using. Some items are gifted but as always I test and try a lot of bits before recommending anything to you guys.

Skincare Favourites

Good Genes – Sunday Riley
A new brand to my beauty favourites list is Sunday Riley. The Good Genes serum is an exfoliating lactic acid treatment designed to refine skin texture, boost circulation, as well as brightening the complexion. SOLD! I’ve been using this every evening in the hope it will help with scaring but also remove any of the dry dead cells clogging my skin. It doesn’t sting like some acids I’ve tried, so would recommend trying if you have more sensitive skin.

C.E.O Glow – Sunday Riley
C.E.O. Glow is a Vitamin C + Turmeric glow-giving face oil. I’ve been using this in the morning and letting it absorb before doing any other skincare/make up. It smells lovely and really has helped make my face feel more moisturised and bright.

Herbivore Roller
The herbivore roller is said to improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce the appearance of puffiness, easing facial muscle tension and help product absorption. Wether is 100% does all it claims I’m not sure. But for me, I find it quite therapeutic to use and the coolness of the roller really nice against my skin,

Soft Clay Rubber Exfoliator – Lixirskin
The Soft Clay Rubber is a rub-off formula that combines enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation to leave your skin feel smooth and soft.I’ve used this once so far. Trying my best to make sure my skin is exfoliated and dead cells removed before adding moisture. My skin felt lovely and clean without being drying which is a bonus for my dry skin.

Universal Emulsion – Lixirskin
This I’ve been trying out as a day moisturiser, it smells lovely and glides into the skin beautifully but for me right now I’m reaching more for oils and super-rich creams like my Vitamin C Bobbi brown. I think this will be a good cream for anyone who’s a little more oily.

Soul Providers Sugar Scrub – Beauty Pie
As you know I’m obsessed with Beauty Pie body polish, and like my face have tried to up my exfoliating game to make sure ALL the extra creams and oils I’m using are really getting to work.
This Sugar scrub was very kindly sent to me last week and it’s really lovely. The Apricot and Evening Primrose Oils are divine. I use this in the morning once a week or whenever my skin needs some TLC.

Soul Providers Shower oil – Beauty Pie
With Essential Oils of Lavender, this is the perfect wind-down. Unfortunately, we don’t have a bath which I imagine this would be even better. I’ve been using this before bed for a lovely de-stress.

Milk & Peel – Erborian
This I have been using once a week… I’ve been loving this and the milk balm to again prep the skin for what’s to follow. Nervous this would be too harsh on my skin it was really lovely and left it glowing without feeling tight or sensitive.

Rosehip oil – Pai
What beauty favourites list would be complete without my ultimate saviour, whenever there’s a breakout or my skin needs some love this is my go-to. You know I’m a huge fan of the cleansing oil and everything Pai does really.

Lumene Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Beauty Serum
As I’m not really wearing make up that much these days, this is the perfect glow without feeling too heavy, or it acts as a lovely glow primer under concealer/foundation. I would highly recommend checking out Lumene for their make up range. It’s a brand I didn’t know much about but their watercolour blush is beautiful too.


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