Today I am wearing this exact pair of trouser albeit with a different top. My new “summer trousers”. And guess what? They’re not jeans. Walking home it dawned on me; I haven’t actually talked about them on my blog. So I’ve jumped straight on to my computer, fished out the photos I took a while back and decided to write a good ol’ fashioned, here’s an outfit and nothing else blog post.

No jeans? Are you ok?

As you know, I’m not one to veer too far away from denim when it comes to trousers, I don’t own much more than that. However when London temperatures have been dancing around the 30-degree mark for a few weeks now, the thought of putting my legs into a straight-legged jeans, makes my knees sweat.

I was in the market for something a little smarter that I could also wear to work and this pair have been a life saver, perfect for those in between weather days. Initially I was struggling with ways to style them but they’ve really grown on me. Today for work with a knitted COS tee or dressed with an oversized Monsoon shirt at the weekend. They’ve opened my eyes to a world beyond jeans, who knew ha!

Now in summer trouser mode, i’ve made a little hit list.



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