Last weekend I met with the lovely Claire over in Shoreditch, after a sneaky avocado toast and a quick catch up, I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of the fluffiest knitwear I own. Claire’s an amazing photographer (check out my last blog post she shot too) so if you’re going to get anyone to take some snaps, you’ve picked the right gal, am I right?

FINALLY the weather got a little cooler to warrant this new Acne jumper. I picked this up before going to Wilderness IN AUGUST! Now that’s commitment. Probably the first time I’ve invested in something before it has actually been the right time to wear it. Usually I leave buying winter coats or something like swimsuits to the last minute and then when it comes to needing them they’re sold or our my size is gone.

New motto. Always buy when something you like when you see it. If you love it that much it’s worth paying full price for.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x


Photography Claire Menary



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