Face oils are one of those beauty products that can divide us – the ultimate skin remedy or the cause of makeup sliding off your face.

I’ve been trying a couple of new beauty products lately but before I get in to the subject at hand I just wanted to touch on one of my all time favourites, Elemis pro collagen.  I’ve been a huge advocate of this cream on my blog. The ONE and only thing that brought the product down was the fact it lacked SPF but the folks at Elemis heard my cry and here we are. If your starting to think about those pesky wrinkles, I highly recommend and especially with SPF.


I can’t say these are for everyone, I know some friends who have oiler skin than myself and wouldn’t go near a face oil but this doesn’t need to be the case and some even balance out this problem. It’s all trial and error folks.

I have super dry skin, so my face screams ‘hallelujah’ when I use oils. I tend to reach for mine in the evening as I just don’t have time to let all my lotions and potions soak in first thing in the morning.I also prefer to spend some time pampering and taking time in the evening to massaging oil into my face,  I was once told it also boosts circulation, resulting in a plumper glow. Win.

The Elemis oil truly is a super food for your skin. Packed with lots of anti-oxidant and omega-rich goodness like broccoli, flax almond and rosehip oil. It smells divine and soaks into the skin really easily to give a lovely glow. It has quite a strong scent and is super lightweight.

The Bobbi Brown Remedies was first put on my face by the lovely Zara at Bobbi Brown and I’ve loved using it recently. I’m trying the Skin Fortifier №93 that rebuilds and strengthens skin’s structure. It doesn’t have much of a scent compared to Elemis but it a lot thicker in texture. With Raspberry wax, soybean sterols and muru muru butter, it’s meant to Helps restore skin’s ability to protect itself.

I’ve been really enjoying face oils, but let me know what you think?


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