The Beverly Hills Hotel.  Thanks to this hotel you’ll find some of the most pinnable images on Pinterest. I knew it was somewhere I had to visit once in my life. This summer while visiting LA, we had an amazing opportunity to go somewhere I wouldn’t usually step over the front door. If only everyday could be spent in this magical pink palace.

The hotel is located on Sunset Boulevard, in the centre of Beverly Hills, and is surrounded by 12 acres of amazing tropical gardens and exotic flowers. We spent so much time just getting lost around the hotel, imagining we had went back in time to the 1950’s. These images where taken by the hotel’s legendary pool, during a wonderful breakfast of French toast and magnificent smoothies. Wearing a sneaky purchase from Reformation on Melrose, I love this loose linen jumpsuit – perfect for smart casual when it’s super hot outside.

If you’re ever in the area this is a MUST visit.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my USA post – next one, it;s back to reality.


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