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“We are all just a bob away from brilliance!” – George

It’s been a couple of months now, just about time to go back and get all tidied up, so it’s got me thinking. To bob or not to bob.

There’s no arguing that a long bob is the hairstyle of the moment but it’s a big decision whether to keep your locks long or chop them all off – one I’ve been questioning for quite some time. Long hair was definitely my comfort blanket but after years of the long I definitely wanted a change. This isn’t to say I won’t probably go back there eventually.

Time for the chop.
Salon of choice: George Northwood. (If it’s good enough for Alexa, it’s good enough for me.)

Stylist: Fer

Situated close to Oxford circus the George Northwood salon is a little piece of tranquil heaven, filled with lots of instagram worthy corners.

Fer was my hair stylist for the evening and within a few minutes he had me confident and ready to bob. If that wasn’t enough (which it was) they also have ‘The bob bar‘ of wigs and plenty of inspiration. I wanted something that was a nice transition from long to short, so the long bob was perfect. I think they call it #bob2.
From previous experience I honestly thought I would cry when it was gone – totally dramatic I know but I really love my new hair. So big thank you to Fer and the salon.

What do you think?

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George Northwood hair

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