It’s been too long. There’s been a trip to Berlin, LFW and a few friends visiting London which has meant blogging here took a wee hiatus, but I’m back with a new outfit which I shot over fashion weekend. Featuring my new “Dad trainers”. Yes, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and although my eyes were drawn to the original Balenciaga pair of dad trainers there was no chance my purse would allow it. Also, has anyone ever tried on those bad boys? They’re heavvvvyyyy!
I don’t think I could quite pull those off anyway, so easing myself in slowly with this more refined pair of Adidas Yung 1’s. I’m obsessed. They were also a godsend for a weekend running around central and standing all day. My only concern is how long they will stay white for. Ek!
I spotted this pair “coming soon” over on NakedCPH, a website I discovered at the start of summer and visit at least once a week to drool over trainers. I’m not even kidding.

I’m a big fan of mixing girlie pieces, so although jeans would be my go-to, wearing chunky trainers with pretty dresses or like this silk skirt is another favourite combination.

What do you think of the new ugly trainer trend? and what pair should I be getting next?

Hope you all had a really lovely weekend and I promise i’ll be back sooner than you think 🙂


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