From pastel pink to Pepto Bismol, if there’s one colour you need in your wardrobe it’s pink.  The big question is, how do you make pink grown up? As a young girl I was obsessed with pink. Pink bedroom, pink wardrobe, pink everything. I can’t remember what age it was, perhaps 12/14 when I turned against it and from one extreme to another I dressed like a complete tomboy. 

Grown up pink.

It all started the minute I saw this flurry pink COS jumper, I didn’t hesitate and purchased it without even trying it on. Quickly followed by this pink polo neck and pink slogan T-Shirt. Who was this girl? Venturing out of my blue, grey and white comfort zone.
For me, the easing back in to pink will always lean towards softer shades. I’m yet to experiment with pops of fuchsia as seen on the catwalk of Valentino or be brave enough to mix red and pink like this on Zara. To make the pink trend work for me, I want to channel something a little older. Wearing it with contrasting fabrics like leather or team with neutrals like denim (what else).

Check out more of my pink favourites below… Yeh, i’m going to drive straight into the bubble gum world of pink for ss17.


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