I thought it could be interesting to do some blog posts focused on my favourite brands. Ones I go back to time and time again, which never let me down. 

I’m not sure the best format for these. Whether it’s photos over a period of time worn in different locations, maybe that would’ve worked better in the instance of the boots. Or maybe it’s a collection of all my favourite pieces from the same brand… a working process. Let’s see how we get on.

First up is By Far. A shoe brand I’ve become very attached to. My first shoes were a pair of ankle tie navy heels, followed by nude sling backs, but my latest croc boots have to be my favourite.

I’ve always struggled to find a boot which fits nicely around the ankle but these are just the ones. I love the croc effect in the dark brown for a change from black.

They’re pretty pricey I know but honestly, for the fit, they’re worth it to me. They had some great sales in the past and if you’re local to London a sample sale each year which I hear is amazing. 

Always on the lookout for new shoe brands so would love to hear from you?

Anywoo, hope you’re all getting in Christmas mode and have a nice one planned. I’m currently back in Northern Ireland while I write this and hoping to get back on stories and a little bit more over Christmas, see you there.

Happy Christmas All. x


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