Never thought I’d see the day I would be posting about a fleece but here we are. Practical and fashionable (I think so anyway). I first set my eyes on a fleece one day perusing Outdoor Voices website but held off due to import tax. It’s a pain, right?

It wasn’t until I spied Lindsey on Instagram stories trying on this beauty while on a recent trip to America that I quickly wired her the money to make me the purchase. The power of social media eh?

I don’t know why I love the look, guess it feeds into that high/low aesthetic that I like. A really casual jumper and jeans and wearing them with a smart boot or high-end accessories. I say that, but here I’m just going for a total dressed-down vibe. Feeling warm and cosy was the priority of the day.

The second is actually a piece of knitwear from Arket but I was drawn to the zip up collar with button detailing that reminds me of a fleece design.

Am I crazy? Or will the fleece be making a comeback?


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