When I started this post I thought; “These photos don’t really have anything to do with what I’m saying”, I realised then that they were taken the weekend I was having a bit of a nightmare. I posted one photo with no context of the drama happening offline.

This made me think a lot about Katherine’s #howsocialmediaisruiningyourlife concept – what’s really happening when we’re off the grid and how we should be more open about it. Kathrine is encouraging people to tell the real story behind their curated feeds, so here we are.

It was just one of those weeks when everything had gone wrong with the wedding, online everything was fine but look closely at the eye bags. ha!

The band had cancelled, the invites came back with a word missing (YES that happened) and the bridesmaid’s dresses weren’t quite right. Plus all the other bits we still have to organise, every evening and weekend was being consumed by a constant stream of wedding to-dos.

All you could do was laugh… or you might cry. Or both. Both is fine too.

What you see online or in magazines of where you should be in the planning process, and if you’re not following that timeline or a little behind, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Like anything in life I guess, whether it’s a wedding, house or kids. Starting to compare to things like where you’re meant to be in life and when – is never a good path to go down.

It can be easier said than done but it’s about being focused on you and not getting carried away with what everyone else is doing or has done before.

So, I had a word with myself. Which went something like. It’s OK not to have thought of every detail, or worry about if the band don’t play exactly the right songs, or if my napkins match my invites (ok haven’t got this far yet)  because these won’t be the things I’ll look back on and remember.

It’s not what I want everyone there to remember either.

All we wanted was to have a big party to celebrate our marriage, So hopefully people remember the fun they had. They’ll remember the memories of who they met and the speeches good or bad. Ha! Less of the material aspects and more of why we’re all there in the first place.

Not quite sure I said anything of use….other than, It’s OK to have a bit of an overwhelming moment. Next time I have a wobble about the wedding, this is a good reminder to wise up. Just remember why you decided to do it all in the first place.

Love to hear your thoughts on those wobble weeks, how do you deal with feeling overwhelmed?

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  • I feel you and I was exactly the same.. I’ve never been that girl dreaming of a wedding. Day so it’s really hard to plan. I wish I had you last year. I just wanted a party however everyone else wanted something else and plus the husband. When ur feeling like your head will explode remember it’s one day! Not a ten year event one day .. how many years have u been together ? And it’s just one day. It’s so stupid there’s all this pressure for one day! Also have u ever been to a bad wedding ? Might not be to ur taste but have ever been to bad one ? Also find a friend who’s getting married the same year And moan over wine. Oh and Remember ur are inviting a lot people you love and get u even if some family members don’t.