I was going to do my usual post. What I’m wearing and talk a little about injecting some khaki into my wardrobe this summer. FYI, I’ve been living in these Gap trousers but I digress. Instead the recent topics on social media, like most, really caught my attention. Instagram bots.


A really important topic that I will continue to educate from a brand side as part of my day to day job and of course personally with my blog. If you’re interested I suggest reading up on some great articles from Nik.
I know I’ve felt the pressure of seeing what others are doing and comparing myself. Last week I had a bit of a moment, I doubted my content and didn’t really post anything to instagram in particular. The more I didn’t post, the more anxious I became. It’s a weird world we live in now. I’m not sure if other people experience feelings like this? Social media can be slightly overwhelming at times and I guess that’s were influencers have fallen to buying fake followers or using platforms to boost interactions.


When a social media channel is making you feel overwhelmed, it’s time to sit back and reevaluate and remember why we all started in the first place. Creativity & community.
This week I’m taking a conscious effort to not endlessly scroll through instagram with no real reason other than feeding into that comparison feeling and focus on what I’m doing. (Which is currently devising a plan for a last minute holiday to the sun this weekend)  The reality, I’ll be spending the weekend brainstorming new ideas and getting some objectives together. If I can do it for work, why not channel this into my blog?

Reading lots of blogs this week on similar topics from Mel, Lucy, Kristabel and Nik have really struck a cord with me.

Whatever your stance is on the recent social/influencer landscape, for me what really hit home and what always needs to be remain the forefront of my content, creativity and doing my best at just being me.



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